School of AI Future Convergence Faculty

‘AI+X’ is the future.
The AI Future Convergence Division prepares with you for the future that the 4th Industrial Revolution will bring.
‘AI Future Convergence Faculty’ is the first AI convergence education representative department of a 4-year cyber university in Korea.

Faculty Introduction

Global Cyber University established the ‘AI Future Convergence Department’ for the first time in a 4-year cyber university program in Korea to lead the artificial intelligence ecosystem based on the Hongik human spirit.The Department of AI Future Convergence at Global Cyber University can obtain a regular 4-year bachelor's degree in engineering.The Division of AI Future Convergence aims to nurture key talents who will lead the upcoming ‘AI+X’ era in preparation for social changes and future industrial demands linked to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Operation of ‘AI+X’ talent training course/h4>

The Department of AI Future Convergence is based on the core theories and knowledge education of computer engineering to foster 'AI+X' talents, enabling convergence education in the new technology of the 4th industrial revolution, 'AI computer information communication,’ 'AI metaverse’ There are three major tracks, 'Convergence' and 'AI Real Life Convergence.’

AI computer information communication

  • The major track nurtures ICT experts who have basic engineering knowledge as an engineer and the ability to adapt to the field.

AI metaverse fusion

  • The major track nurtures metaverse experts who can adapt to the field and learn to lead a global future convergence society using metaverse technology.

AI real-life convergence

  • The major track nurtures real-life AI convergence experts equipped to guide field trips to lead the education of new technologies in the 4th industrial revolution.

Faculty Characteristics

  • Acquired a bachelor's degree in engineering from a regular 4-year university major track (AI computer information communication, AI metaverse convergence, AI real-life convergence) approved by the Ministry of Education
  • Training on new technologies of the 4th industrial revolution (artificial intelligence, big data, metaverse, VR/AR/XR, drones, etc.)
    • - AI+X talent development training program operation
    • - Operation of DNA (Data, Network, AI)-based real-life application training programs
    • - Operation of the ‘AI Academy’s curriculum by the Korea Distance University Council
  • Top-notch professors and instructors with expertise in new technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Possession and construction of human networks for domestic and foreign large/small and medium-sized enterprises/ventures/startups (Google, Amazon, Samsung, LG, KT, SKT, Naver, Kakao, Coupang, etc.)
    • - The cheapest 4-year college tuition (scholarship support)
    • - Classes, tests, and assignments are all 100% online
    • - Anyone can apply regardless of age, gender, or significance (high school graduate or higher, office worker, full-time homemaker, career-interrupted woman, disabled person, multicultural family, etc.)
    • - Provides educational content that is easy to understand and can be applied to real life
    • - Online/offline expert lectures, self-development/business consulting, and counseling support
    • - Organizing student executives, club activities, and student exchanges

undergraduate activities

  • Reinforcing major industry-university-research cooperation and exchanges related to domestic artificial intelligence and metaverse
    • - Korea Distance University Association AI Convergence Education Center, Korea Practical Education Technology Association, Korea Disaster Information Society
    • - Seoul Digital Foundation, Global Metaverse Technology Association, Urban Regeneration Safety Association, Korea University of Technology and Education, Korea Polytechnic University, Dankook University, Benjamin School for Gifted Students
    • - Chungcheongnam-do Institute of Science and Technology Promotion, Korea Industrial Complex Corporation Chungcheong Regional Headquarters
    • - Futurenuri Co., Etu Co., Ltd., Bio Healthcare Co., Ltd.

  • Operate special lectures and extracurricular programs by external experts on new technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution
    • - Special lectures by domestic and foreign prominent tech/venture/startup experts and reinforcement of human network (Google, Amazon, Samsung, LG, KT, SKT, Kakao, Coupang, etc.)
    • - Operation of non-curricular programs focusing on recent trends and issues such as artificial intelligence, metaverse, VR/AR/XR, blockchain, NFT, etc.

  • Reinforcing government/local government/institutional business orders and student research activities related to the 4th Industrial Revolution
    • - 2021 Ministry of Education DNA convergence short-term curriculum development project selection (network convergence curriculum to spread digital technology to the underprivileged)
    • - 2022 Korea Association of Distance University AI Convergence Education Institute K-MOOC bundled course selection (artificial intelligence learning and teaching bundled course content development for parents)
    • - Participated in the 2022 National Research Foundation of Korea general joint research support project (development of artificial intelligence-based mindfulness and behavioral activation digital app technology for citizen mental health management)
    • - Korea Practical Education Technology Association, Korea Disaster Information Society papers, and contest/contest activities

  • Operation of on/offline undergraduate clubs and reinforcement of student exchanges
    • - Faculty MT and online/offline meetings
    • - Operate mentor/mentee system for academic adaptation and personal network growth
    • - AI, metaverse contest/competition club operation
    • - Research project/business proposal/startup club operation
    • - Operation of information processing engineer, big data analysis engineer certification club
    • - Operate clubs for academic and information exchange (knowledge exchange, trekking, local meetings)


No Courses Contents
1 Computer Introduction Computer theory, computer history, hardware, software, 4th Industrial revolution
2 Introduction to Information and Communication Concept of information society and information communication, information communication system, information transmission technology, data communication network
3 AI Introduction artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence mathematics, algorithms, machine learning, deep learning
4 computer architecture Computer configuration, computer operating principle, computer system, operating system
5 human-centered big data Human intelligence and information processing, demographic data, biometric data, human-centered interaction data, behavior/action recognition data, voice recognition data, emotion recognition data
6 Utilization of sports AI Physical Education, Kinesiology, Sports Data, Sports AI Use Cases
7 Digital healthcare convergence Digital healthcare concept, wearables, sports industry, personal health care, and analytics services
8 Metaverse Introduction Metaverse Overview, Metaverse Cases, Metaverse Platform, Metaverse Technology
9 Data Structures and Algorithms Data structure, data structure, database, algorithm
10 ICT big data Current status and utilization of ICT big data analysis technology, development of ICT big data technology
11 big data analysis Big data analysis planning, big data exploration, big data modeling, big data result interpretation
12 Python programming basics Python Basic Syntax, Writing Python Programs
13 machine learning basics Machine learning algorithm, machine learning application production technology
14 machine learning applications Machine learning algorithms, datasets, machine learning, and deep learning (reinforcement learning)
15 Deep learning theory and practice Kaggle, data preprocessing technique and analysis, deep learning algorithm, deep learning-based prediction, and classification model practice
16 entry and scratch Entry, Scratch, Block Coding, After-school classes
17 mobile app development Android Studio, Android Programming, Java Programming Language, App Development
18 Leverage Java Spring-based cloud Eclipse-based e-government standard framework, Spring boot project, cloud
19 web programming Web Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
20 5G convergence-based metaverse technology VR/AR/XR, 5G network, immersive content
21 Blockchain-based AIoT service AIoT, blockchain, virtual asset exchange, e-wallet, mining pool
22 information and computer education theory Information and computer curriculum, teaching and learning theory
23 Computer textbook research and teaching method Computer textbook research, student guidance method, teaching and learning method, after-school teaching method
24 Unity Practice 3D game using Unity, AR content using Unity


  • Professor

    Kwang Ho Seok

  • Areas of Expertise

    AI, VR/AR/XR, Metaverse, Big data, Digital healthcare, Robot

  • Email Address

  • Professor

    Hyeong Yong Park

  • Areas of Expertise

    ICT, Internet, IoT, AI, Blockchain

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