School of Sports & Health

The twenty-first century needs healthcare professionals trained in sports and health science.


“Nothing is more essential in maintaining health and well-being to the age of one hundred than sports and exercise.” The dawn of a true era of well-being will begin when all members of society seek to improve their general health and fitness. We believe that the best way to achieve this is through the concept of a better life with sports practice as a daily health philosophy. As we approach this new era, participation in everyday sports will expand further, and personalized healthcare service roles will become even more critical. The Department of Sports & Health Science is committed to cultivating healthcare specialists and healing life professionals dedicated to the public's general welfare. We achieve this through systematic theory and practical education rather than simply focusing on the development of sports training professionals.

Sports & Health

Faculty Characteristics

The Department of Sports Health provides a systematic professional development and certification acquisition curriculum.

  1. 01Excellent lecture content for obtaining a bachelor's degree in physical education
    - 100% online course to earn a bachelor's degree in physical education
    - Provision of excellent lecture content centered on systematic theories and practices related to sports and healthcare in general.
  2. 02Acquisition of major tracks and certificates for professional development
    - Operating various major tracks
    Sports Guidance Track, Exercise Prescription, and Management Track, Beauty & Health Coaching Track, Silver Care Track, Dementia Specialist Care Interdisciplinary Major (Bachelor's degree in Dementia Care possible)
    - Operation of training courses to acquire professional qualifications, including national qualifications
  3. 03Online/Offline Comparison Program
    -Operation of non-subject programs for professional development
    Sports national certification study meeting, health coaching class (100-day course), online home training
    -Operation of extracurricular programs for friendship and awareness expansion
    Student meetings, reading meetings, walking club meeting

Operation of detailed major tracks

The Department of Sports Health organizes detailed major tracks and conducts specialized education. Through technical education, students can become differentiated sports and health professional instructors who are strong in theory and practice.

Sports (life sports) guidance major track

Operation of national qualification written and practical courses

[Comparative course]
Sports Certification Study

- 1st class, 2nd class life, and professional sports instructor
- Elderly sports instructor
- Youth sports instructor
- Recreation leader (private)

Exercise prescription and management major track

Exercise prescription, health fitness evaluation, functional anatomy, motion injury, taping therapy, training theory, therapeutic massage

- Health exercise manager (national license)
- Taping health manager (private license)
- Body type exercise manager (private license

Beauty & Health Coaching Major Track

Skin beauty theory and practice, beauty ear therapy, diet, body shape management, home training, yoga, health education, mental health

[Comparative course]
Health Coaching Class

- Health life management instructor (private license)
- Beauty Ear Counselor (private license)
- Walking instructor (private license)

Silver Care Major Track

Physical education for the elderly, cognition and health, aging society theory, daily gymnastics, short circuit breathing, brain training, Dementia Prevention Guidance

- Elderly sports instructor (national license)
- Silver cognitive play instructor (private license

Dementia Specialist Care Interdisciplinary Major

Bachelor of Physical Education and Acquired a bachelor's degree in dementia care.

[Qualifications for Application]
Current students who have completed 35 credits or more (15 credits if transferred) and have an average BO (3.0) or higher

Bachelor’s degree in Dementia

Curriculum by level

basic course [essential]Life gymnastics and Danjeon breathing 1-1 [essential]Life gymnastics and Danjeon breathing 1-2
sports sociology 1-1 home workout and yoga 1-2
Mental health UP, brain training 1-1 functional anatomy 1-2
Skin beauty theory and Practice 1-1 Sports Education and Ethics 1-2
development process [essential]Health Biology 2-1 [essential]Health Biology 2-2
[essential]exercise physiology 3-1 [essential]exercise physiology 3-2
national academic engineering 2-1 national theoretical engineering 2-2
sports nutrition 2-1 early childhood physical education 2-2
leisure and recreation 2-1 Healing Food 2-2
Beauty ear therapy and health care 2-1 Job stress management 2-2
training theory 3-1 exercise prescription 3-2
Physical Education for the Elderly 3-1 Physical Education for the Elderly 3-2
Sports Management 3-1 physical education evaluation theory 3-2
taping therapy 3-1 mental health theory 3-2
cognition and health 3-1 Diet and body management 3-2
Intensive course [essential] Health education theory 4-1 [essential] Health education theory 4-2
Dementia Prevention Guidance 4-1 Dementia Prevention Guidance 4-2
Sports Injuries and First Aid 4-1 Therapeutic massage 4-2
aging society theory 4-1 Understanding Brain Education 4-2
final goal Healthcare & Life Coaching Specialist
Daily Sports Instructor/Senior/Youth Sports Instructor/Health Exercise
Manager/Healthy Life Management Instructor


Field First Semester Second Semester
Course Course
First Year Major required Life gymnastics and Danjeon breathing Life gymnastics and Danjeon breathing
Major selection sports sociology home workout and yoga
Mental health UP, brain training functional anatomy
Skin beauty theory and Practice Sports Education and Ethics
Second Year Major required Health Biology Health Biology
Major selection national academic engineering national academic engineering
sports nutrition early childhood physical education
leisure and recreation sports psychology
Beauty ear therapy and healthcare Healing Food
  Job stress management
Third Year Major required Exercise Physiology Exercise Physiology
Major selection training theory exercise prescription
Physical Education for the Elderly Physical Education for the Elderly
Sports Management mental health theory
taping therapy physical education evaluation Theory
cognition and health Diet and body management
Fourth Year Major required health education theory health education theory
Major selection Dementia Prevention Guidance Dementia Prevention Guidance
aging society theory therapeutic massage
Sports Injuries and First Aid Understanding Brain Education
Liberal Arts Electives and General Electives Subjects related to social worker certification Subjects related to Social Worker Certification
Dementia Specialized Care Major-Related Courses/td> Dementia Specialized Care Major-Related Courses


  • Professor

    Su Kyung Lee

  • Areas of Expertise

    Exercise Physiology, Biology, Health Education, Geriatrics

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