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The Department of Brain Education at Global Cyber University is the first department of its kind in South Korea and the only one to offer a four-year bachelor’s degree in this discipline of brain education. Graduates of this program are competent brain convergence experts trained in infant brain development, child and youth brain training, adult dementia prevention, HRD core competency development, and brain health beauty care, among others. Our department’s courses and programs are rooted in brain education's philosophy, principles, and methodology. This field is dedicated to achieving a greater understanding of the proper utilization and development of the human brain.

Brain Education is a “peace technology” for awakening and developing the character innate in the human brain. As a form of brain-integration education based on a peace philosophy, brain-development principles, and experiential education methodology, this system makes possible the recovery of the value of humanness and the development of the creativity possessed by everyone.

It is also a “human technology” for awakening natural intelligence by realizing that humans are a part of nature and restoring inner vitality through the body and mind-based training for using the brain.

Information has a massive impact on the brain, especially in the information age, when everything is connected. Brain Education was developed as an information processing technology for the human brain to make creative, peaceful brains.

The core source technology of Brain Education is the Brain Operating System (B.O.S). The Department of Brain Education curriculum is based on the five steps of the brain operating system.

Brain Education Convergence
Brain Education Convergence

Brain Education passed through a process of academic exploration and application in a broad range of fields over 40 years, including health, education, and self-development, based on brain science research. It was developed into an academic discipline, which included the establishment of a four-year college and a graduate school offering master’s and doctoral degrees in Brain Education for the first time in the world.

Brain Education Convergence

Department Features

Government Policy Initiatives Completed
A Study on the Development of Student Creativity and Learning Ability Based on Brain Science
Support for Public Education to Improve Emotional Control and Self-Esteem of El Salvadorian Students
Development of Mental and Physical Healing Brain Education Programs for the Emotional Needs of Service Workers
Korean Education Ministry Aid Projects Completed
Department Features

OverviewGlobal Cyber University, in partnership with the South Korean Ministry of Education, conducted an overseas educational aid project in El Salvador, Latin America, from September 2012 to February 2013.

SubjectProvided Support for Public Education to Improve the Emotional Control and Self-Esteem of El Salvadorian Students

Department Features


School Year Division subject
First Semester Second Semester
First Year Major Required Introduction to Brain Education in the Age of Convergence Introduction to Brain Education in the Age of Convergence
Understanding Brain Education Understanding Brain Education
Major Elective Human Understanding and Psychology Human Understanding and Psychology
Youth Psychology and Counseling Introduction to Neuroanatomy
Youth Culture
Second Year Major Required Advanced Brain Education Advanced Brain Education
Major Elective Brain Training Practice Cognition and Health
Brain Structure and Functionality Youth Problems and Protection
Youth Development System Theory Early Childhood Brain Education Ⅱ
Early Childhood Brain Education Introduction to Brain-Based Emotion Coaching
Cognition and Health Brain Training Practice
Aroma Exercise Planning
Cultural Required Invitation to Earth Management Invitation to Earth Management
Third Year Major Required Occupational Emotions and Brain Education Occupational Emotions and Brain Education
Major Elective Creativity and Problem-Solving Advanced Brain Education Ⅱ
Youth Guidance Methodology Brain Characteristics Evaluation Methods
Youth Welfare Brain Training/td>
Youth Activities Youth Program Development and Evaluation
Gymnastics and Breathing Techniques Creativity and Problem-Solving
Aroma and Brain Health
Fourth Year Major Elective Senses and Perception Cognitive Science
Higher Order Sensory Cognitive Training Brain and Nutrition
Brain Training Instruction Senses and Perception
Theory and Practice of Dementia Prevention 5Higher Order Sensory Cognitive Training
Cognitive Science


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    Rae Hyuk Chang

  • Areas of Expertise

    Brain Education, Brain Convergence Technology

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  • Professor

    Ul Soon Lee

  • Areas of Expertise

    Higher Order Sensory Cognitive Training, Brain Training

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