Dept. ofCounseling Psychology

Counselors, you are the helpers of our time!
We foster counseling psychologists who maintain harmony and make positive changes in the world.


The Department of Counseling Psychology nurtures competent counseling psychologists and art therapists who can contribute to society through cyber education.

In our department, based on scientific evidence, students can learn the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for counseling in various fields, such as mental health, personality, education, family problems, child and adolescent problems, and personal growth.

In addition, students can acquire various licenses to be used in the field after graduation and help students prepare for graduate school to become professional counselors or art therapists.

Counseling Psychology


common subject Counseling psychology specialization Art therapy specialization
Major required Counseling Psychology, Introduction to Art Therapy, Counseling Process and Techniques, Counseling and Psychotherapist Ethics and Practice
major selection Counseling and art therapy case management developmental psychology Early Childhood Art Therapy
Counseling and Psychotherapy Research Methodology Love psychology Adolescent Art Therapy
Counseling and psychotherapy program development and evaluation personality psychology Elderly Counseling and Art Therapy
Cyber Counseling and Psychotherapy Parent education and counseling Multicultural Counseling and Art Therapy
Psychological Diagnosis and Evaluation Adolescent Psychology and Counseling picture book art therapy
  group counseling art therapy media
  career counseling Picture test and technique
  School counseling and life guidance  
  cognitive behavioral therapy  
other department Brain Education Meditation (Brain Education) Abnormal psychology (brain-based)  
Understanding psychology (brain-based)  


  • Professor

    Jae Hoon Kim

  • Areas of Expertise

    Counseling Education, Multicultural Counseling, Art Therapy

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  • Professor

    Bong Young Jeong

  • Areas of Expertise

    Learning Psychology, Lifelong Education, Human Resource Development

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